January 21, 2018

Slick Solutions has proudly introduced an all new and revolutionary product that will solve the ages old problem of self-applying lotion on the back. This amazing new Back Lotion Applicator is now available in stock on Amazon and it is creating a sensational buzz in the health and beauty industry. A lot of people are tired of asking their friends to rub lotion on their back and this amazing applicator will solve their problems once and for all.

“Our Back Lotion Applicator is a simple but very effective band of soft velvet that is specially designed to apply the lotion evenly and smoothly on the entire back,” said the spokesperson of Slick Solutions, while introducing the Back Lotion Applicator. “Reusability is another amazing feature as cleaning it is also very easy and it can be simply thrown into a washing machine for a regular wash,” she added. Another amazing feature of the applicator is that it fits easily into the carrying bag so that users can take it with them to the beach or pool.

With a six months warranty and affordable price of under 12 dollars, the company is ensuring customer satisfaction. Moreover, the applicator can support all types of lotions including sun tan lotions and creams as well. The aim of Slick Solutions is to simply make the lives of its customers easier with its innovative and practical products that are durable as well as reliable.